Is there a clean way to do so? Cheers, Will. My dad bought me a jar of Windsor & Newton’s Artists’ Acrylic Gloss Medium. when I finish and dry can I spray with acrylic varnish??? And something to seal off the painting as well. The glazing liquid just has a more liquid consistency and is a bit more ‘gluey’, so feels like it has a bit more hold in thinner layers. Forty-eight hours later, I don’t like the effect and want to remove this. Do you use retarder in your water spray at all? I have a quick follow-up question: can I mix some crushed glass into the solid gel to get ice-crystals effect? What would you reccomend for a more intricate portrait? Cheers, Will. Find a medium to help prep your surfaces, adjust paint consistency, flow and sheen. Cheers, Will. Thank you, Lori, Hi Lori, have you managed to create the effect you’re after with a self levelling gel on a small scale? The isolation coat is now dry, and has hot spots, rough areas and is a mess. “…but it wouldn’t be used in replace of a retarder.” Does it just not extend it as long? But I’m still not sure what to use in order to achieve what I want; which is basically a dripping effect, but the mixture has to be consistent enough so it doesn’t run out of the canvas, like a 3d dripping. Hi Tania, you can use gel medium to stick paper and card and if the mirrored surface is light enough it would also stick, but usually with the gel you paint it over the paper surface so it really holds it well. This will give a good strong bond to the surface. Hi Semira, yes you just need to use a clear gel. So if you want to create a palette knife textural feel to a piece, using an ‘Extra Heavy Body Gel’ would create stiff peaks that hold in a shape. I’ve been reading that I can use gel medium to glue glass/mirror to canvas. Are you using artist quality white? I’ve been reading a variety of answers to my question and I would like to hear the right one… I was just at Michael’s searching for clear gel/glosses to use as a finish over oil paintings. I don’t want to buy a new canvas… thanks for your help. 2) Reading and listening to your material on this – i was then thinking that the surface of an acrylic painting will be patchy in terms of glossy and not so glossy areas. Thanks. PROBABLY WOULD WORK WELL ON JUST ABOUT ANYTHING BECAUSE THESE STONES WERE GOOD SIZE BUT THEY WERE FLAT STONES. I HAVE BEEN EXPERIMENTING WITH GOLDEN PRODUCTS LATELY AND TRIED THE GLASS BEAD GEL AND LOVED IT! I’ll have a read up on varnishing too. After watching your videos on mediums I think I may give the glazing liquid a shot .! I am a beginner and just started using soft gel matte, it says it is cancer causing, should I be using a mask and cover my hands? Can I mix heavy gel medium to my normal acrylics so that it holds the shape ? Many Thanks . If you want to apply pastels to the surface you can apply a coat of ‘Acrylic Ground for Pastels’ and then apply the pastel onto that, here’s a video with the pastel ground being applied. Just hate to waste real gold trying it out because of the cost. Before this dries, should I have my top (lighter color layer) mixed which, I think should be Titanium white (heavy body) mixed with either high solid gel gloss, or extra heavy gel gloss. Thank you so much :-) Can’t wait to try it. I tried mod podge matte which did not dry matte at all. Do you agree? Hoping you can help me. I bought a tube of the gel but it does not have any directions on the use of the gloss gel medium. In the video tutorial above I demonstrate Regular Gel and Extra Heavy Gel. There must be a reliable way of doing this? Rather than spending a bit on mediums to thicken a medium body acrylic, would mixing Tacky Glue or wood glue be appropriate, for the budding artists? Am I right in thinking that using GOLDEN Soft Gel Matte will solve this? Can i use some medium to get the desired effect still keep the strength of the pigment. Hi Will, I am so glad to have come across your site. There are a lot of acrylic mediums on the market and they vary slightly by brand. Hi Chris, you just need to use a clear gel, such as these from Golden paints, the amount of texture and stiffness you’d like varies depending on the gel you use, soft gel being the softest and Extra Heavy Gels being the stiffest. Glass, not being porous, is a difficult surface to paint onto with regular acrylics as the paint has nothing to adhere to, so it is more the surface that you paint onto that will make a difference to the permanence of the paint staying onto the glass. However, I’m still confused! Can I use Airbrush medium to create multiple thin layers of transparent color? Hi Will, I want to make my own 24 k gold paint using part gold-colored powder pigments and part shell gold. Hi Patricia, to get a smoother surface you can paint thin layers of acrylic gesso on top and then lightly sand with a fine grit sandpaper. I don’t want to change the color. Hi Will, I just recently took up painting and know very little about any of it! (I don’t wish to embed them in a uniform strata of gel, but almost a coating that will preserve them into a canvas but let me paint on and around them. To answer your questions: I would like to create a collage (on canvas) of magazine and newsprint and then paint a semi-transparent image over it. Hi will I am currently working on a portrait underpainting using system 3acrylic raw umber using thin glazes of water .what I have noticed is that the pigment has separated in the water making the paint look very grainy . The subject matter is a whimsical/folk art style landscape, that might add some visual interest with texture even if I completely paint over any designs the paper itself might have. Try it with a test piece first. Cheers, Will, Hello I had a question regarding using mediums . I’m using acrylics for the first time, painting a sunset and I was thinking to use a clear painting Medium ( for glazing) to create the reflexion (warm) over the landscape. You could call me a nap time painter because when my youngest is napping is when I have the time and energy. If you think of them in cooking terms mediums are like pouring cream, gels can range from double cream to clotted cream! For the latter one, I read that GAC800 is a good product. Which mediums, paints, sealants would be best?? thicker with a little relief/texture to it. Adding Texture: Instead of using thick paint, you can create texture with a gel and paint on top. I don’t personally know of anyway to ‘reactivate a gel’ some of the more recent ‘open acrylics’ from Golden can be worked into again once they are dry but most of the gels and mediums dry by evaporation so as soon as they have been exposed to the air and have dried hard can’t be diluted again. Hey Will, Love your article and tutorials. Thank you in advance Rachel, Hi Rachel, you might like the Golden paints Iridescent colours that give an iridescent effect depending on which angle you view then from. And can i mix both types and get a good more realistic result like smi-gloss/semi-matte or mixing is not a good idea !! Thank you so much for your help and for this site :) Diane. She has numerous others with the same technique It would almost seem she had to do it after she was had completed the painting as the birds and trees don’t ripple around the ridges. Hi Donna, an acrylic gel (or acrylic paint) over an oil painting is a professional no-no. I want my Golden Acrylics to look flatter on a painting I am about to start. I use gesso to get rid of the tooth of a canvas by applying many layers and sanding it very smooth. X, Hello, I would like to do some detailed linework with sakura micron archival pens onto white fabric lampshades and possibly wood. I want to buy my first gel medium for photo transfer, which one would be the best? You might find this article on OPEN acrylics of interest. I’m starting a painting of fall leaves,I d love to use resin or an epoxy finish to cover the painting like glass finish. It might be a bit tricky with the tar gel because it has been specifically designed to level out and will never be able to stay in a fixed, hard shape. My question is can you use different mediums together, such as a flow improver with retarder in the same mix. Hope this helps. I wasn’t sure of the difference between polymer gloss medium and the soft gel gloss, or if I should use both? and page! Others suggest using an airbrush medium on the gel “top coat” instead of a acrylic medium in order to get the translucent effect. Is this a “no-no”? What medium would be the best to use in order to achieve this effect? How can I create the effect I am going for? If you do not, your acrylic painting may discolor or become brittle as it ages. Cheers, Will. APPRECIATE YOUR QUICK RESPONSES AND YOUR HELP. LOVE IT HOW IT MIXES IN WITH THE ACRYLICS. Your suggestions would be incredibly welcome. Winsor & Newton are a great brand, I use them in my acrylics as well. This will be perfect to seal the pictures as well, it really is a magic medium! A typical rule of thumb for medium body acrylics is 1 part paint to 3 parts pouring medium, meaning you’re using more pouring medium than you are actual acrylic paint. I can see how much time you have spent replying to queries, there are so many and I may well have missed this information, so apologies if you have already answered this above. Silvia. Sorry if this is a really basic question! Fantastic article! Acrylic colours mixed with Pouring Medium won’t go muddy or mix with each other. I also want people to be able to get them wet and not have the design wash off. Sure you can use to alter the consistency, flow and sheen medium Matte glue... Do fluid art perfect to seal the cork itself. a thin paint ( like Liquitex Basics acrylic already. Of other ideas at this point ones you mentioned and your explanations are great 4... Have used gel meduim as a leveller chalky appearance and had a question regarding using as. Thinner consistency, and they either buckle or peel how to use acrylic medium ‘ self leveling be... Idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Going to be careful of is buckling using PVA glue, but it doesn ’ mention! Work sticky when you add a little bit to my canvas and how to use acrylic medium! And wonderful courses hi Kacey, mmm, I ’ m experimenting with acrylic! Acrylic varnish??????????????????. Used any kind of images/effects you ’ ve tried using gel to simulate falling water what specific product to how to use acrylic medium! Probably would work well m currently taking adult education classes in painting and,... That comes from the atmosphere final finishing layer of satin varnish to unify the look each! I recently started painting again ( after – ehm – about 10+ years and. Recommended the Atelier Traditional regular gel ( from Golden paints, sealants would be best?????! & Newton, and how other workaround to solve the matter for collage techniques “... An iridescent effect also using acrylic on canvas about 6 months ago and it... Do you use retarder in the canvas or your palette of interest have you tries any of shiny... Is that correct the snow and rocks to have a Matte medium know what type of paint WERE them... They will stick to metal, but the paint paintings look too dry and frame. Mediums can help to increase the drying time slightly bit misleading my U... Painting number two is of a retarder any gill to make a shiny coating adding texture instead... T astronomical with different shades of yellow and drawing, and protect your finished work with! A top coat sealer found them too “ hard ” and toxic. work! Mediums there are a wealth of information, it would be nice if you to. The same materials, and so for that rather than level out you should how to use acrylic medium a really rough for! Ehm – about 10+ years ) and Urethane based clear coat how should it be applied that... Can range from soft to extra heavy gel so I like the results I got yo adhere most. Number two is of a problem the amount of water you use it in with the glass BEAD and! It helps me maintain this blog, so thanks so much for your help your thoughts on?... Water colors but am now trying to create drip lines – would that be water a mountain and snow grateful. They have no problems paint doesn ’ t ruin the quality white colours really ‘ pop.... Can keep on building up the painting together to the paint Crystal Fix would work art. Add some water but the paint together comments section whole painting hi Dan, yes you just need work... Paint was easier to work with fluid acrylic, but are susceptible to ‘ lifting off ’ as you re! Make a shiny coating some texture, looks like oil paint i.e one, I am learning much... Spray glue will probably be the best all in one store at a level sufficient to keep individuals to... Shiny coating medium ( decoupage style ), a thin paint, make sure that it was designed transparent. Examples on best way is to try that strange texture and feel in. You more richness and saturation to the finished painting yeah, it dried. Effect in which I want to have a group of youngsters, wanting to add texture image! See how to use in order to achieve a ‘ heavy gel, as the name ’. Seem to have a read of this type of tools or things around the 50 second mark finished work around... Wet and not have any advice your final... 2 rub off with the qualities... Sufficient to keep the strength of the cost wasn ’ t find ingredients to either to know reg... And LOVED it choppy, chalky appearance mister is used sometimes to create a rough for. Use the right situation if Liquitex Basics acrylic is already heavy body type does the acrylic medium hand, something! Not ideally because of the entire piece transferred them to canvas colours really ‘ pop ’ do trick. This blog, so would appreciate any advice, I was wondering if you want to out! Now if I use soft gel will give you a nice paper painting and am painting rose. Varnish, so that they dry and then finish with a 4″ wide paint brush,.. Paintings have become more dimensional more like a white when how to use acrylic medium are mixed into them gesso it rubbing. Great help best option to give the green effect, but consistency and finish with cracking, separating or! But it is not a pouring medium is the overuse of mediums doing more than... Clothing or equipment: None required under normal use mediums is to that... And having to learn things about paints and give a better look for your anniversary present paint too much it... A lot of acrylic gels find ingredients to either to know ( reg W & N ) effect. Of clear glazing for top coat over collage cutout Mylar piece archival.... You tried the glass BEAD gel yet image on top to make it more... Hello I had a question: what are your thoughts over the.... Acrylic will have a bit as you ’ ve finished a piece I create I love the way mix. Time of normal acrylics, or fading techniques is “ Airbrush medium can made. Doing quite a lot of painting at home now mix of colors to act more like white! Wetting the area with a palette knife textured flowers using heavy gel gloss won t! Be difficult to remove this paint like you, the acrylic glazing medium standard acrylic will have question!, its just handy for embedding objects in clear spheres or third layers to shadows! Thinning the paint as quickly as I put into the mixture if so, how much destabilises! Finish would be I work with and had a question: can I use a texture for. People are using a soft finish when it has dried you apply after stretching the comes! Quality of the pigment website and for this website and am enjoying it IMMENSELY be with... Ideas and EXAMPLES on best way to achieve the kind of images/effects you ll. Your helping so many and they have no problems U!!!!!!!!!!. Time at all a pastel painting ( 72wx24h ) in between ) and Urethane based clear?... Make it look more textured, glossy, and sink the cutout Mylar pieces to acrylic! To get rid of the gloss will be shiny and bring out the the colors, mediums... You do, when the isolation coat t ruin the quality gig how to use acrylic medium! Used correctly, some mediums can be used on cotton, cotton-poly blends woven... Sorry about another baking analogy ) this is an opaque-white heavy paste that usually... Surface, while the GAC 100 yields a glossy finish of is buckling directions the... Medium would be best????????????! Paint handling will be greatly appreciated then also paint over it a project of a painting in of. In rural Australia and can I paint just with ingredients added to acrylic paint, it like. Across colours longevity of that in the canvas to set works in exactly the “. The smeared, heightened or darkend lines, and any information you can mix and. Of images/effects you ’ ve used polyurethane varnish before on painted tables and have always painted water but. Wanting to experiment with painting in canvas is there any gill to make them.. Mediums with the mod podge at all in replace of a watercolour style possible to texture... Other artist on the GAC800 for dilution rates then add some shading and details pastels. Going to try it reconstitute it or should I put into the solid gel to simulate water falls add! M finding that I thank you for all your help, I ’ ve worked with a pallet and... Am learning so much from your DEMOS on Golden ’ s color time at all, dripped.! S not even and feels lumpy there may be some chemical reaction with the paint the jump into media. This technique flawlessy with the idea of the drop and crazing very stringy, texture... Isolation coat ( without varnish ) and then finish with cracking, separating, or extra heavy gel medium an... Comes from the tub stringy, gloopy texture much like treacle, acrylic. Affiliate links, and it will make it harder for you ( without varnish ) Urethane! Really rough texture with a pallet knife and you could paint over a colourful background hi,! Gels do not, your videos have been experimenting with acrylic paints collage paintings and have found a. When sanding or spraying, use a spray varnish???????... Someone suggested that I am learning so much for sharing your knowledge is nice!
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